Hipster for Hire LLC

A Virtual Administrative Assistant for Creative Thinkers

Hi! I'm Cara your Hipster for Hire; a virtual assistant based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

What I enjoy most about my work: no two days look exactly alike, I'm constantly learning new skills, deepening my existing knowledge, and meeting inspiring people.

As a Hipster for Hire, I provide practical solutions that give my clients' time back in their day to do more of what matters most and less of what doesn't!

Find out how working with a virtual assistant can help you.

You are the antidote to sleepless nights of worry.
— Joy Sorensen Navarre ~ Navigate Student Loans (January 2019)
With Cara, my overall productivity has skyrocketed. She’s quick and refreshingly transparent. Projects that I had pushed to the back burner over a year she was able to pick up and complete much quicker than I ever could have. She’s a self starter and very motivated. I just explain what to do and she gets it done. It’s such a relief having her on my team. I can’t recommend Cara enough!
— Jina Schaefer ~ North Fourth (June 2016)
Cara has been my VA for the past 6 months and I have been thrilled with her help. I was hoping to find someone to take care of the day to day of my small business and Cara has done exactly that. I now have way more time to work on what is important to my business, as well as more free time with my family as I am able to check in less (and be more efficient when I do!)
— Carly ~ À La Mode Wardrobe Consulting (January 2016)
Cara has saved me (quite literally) weeks worth of work. Having her on my team makes my days easier, my job less stressful, and frees up my days to focus on my own clients. She’s detail oriented, takes initiative, and learns fast. I’ve recommended her to everyone I know!
— Sarah ~ yesandyes.org (May 2015)
Cara is a forward-thinking individual with the right cocktail of organizational skills, timeliness, and drive with a twist of charisma. The leads she has generated have already paid for her services several times over: Very highly recommended.
— Bambi ~ Jackalope Tattoo (March 2014)