Hipster for Hire LLC

A Virtual Administrative Assistant for Creative Thinkers

Hi! I'm Cara your Hipster for Hire; a virtual assistant based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

What I enjoy most about my work: no two days look exactly alike, I'm constantly learning new skills, deepening my existing knowledge, and meeting inspiring people.

As a Hipster for Hire, I provide practical solutions that give my clients' time back in their day to do more of what matters most and less of what doesn't!

Find out how working with a virtual assistant can help you.


Welcome to my 'toolbox'

After nearly ten years of continued education, starting my own business, and regular involvement in side projects from internships to music festivals; I've tested a LOT of products and services. Trust me when I say, these are some of my favorite tools.

From staying organized to making my business run smoothly, I'm a huge advocate for keeping overhead costs low.

Most of my favorite tools are free, offer great trial periods or come at a reasonable price.

Anything you find here, I personally use, have tested, and recommend*.



  • Evernote: Keep all your notes, photos, documents, articles, and resources in one easily searchable place.
  • Trello: I seriously do not understand how this one is free. I use this for all of my project management for myself and my clients.

Specifically for your Business

  • Squarespace: With drag and drop templates even the least tech savvy person can create a beautiful, easy to use website.
  • GSuite: Do you already know and love Gmail? Now enjoy having your own personal branded email account @yourbusiness.com.
  • Dubsado: This is the one service I kick myself for not finding sooner. Track leads, work proposals, send invoices, and set up automated workflows. Simply do business, better. (Enjoy 20% off your first month or year with my referral code: h4h)
  • Square and PayPal: Especially when synced with Dubsado invoices, this will easily allow clients to pay however they prefer. Enjoy the same transaction fee with either service.


  • Zapier and IFTTT: Put the term, work smarter not harder, to modern use. These recommendations are perfect for getting separate apps to work together.

    Do you have a business process you regular run? Keeping track of new subscribers, when a payment is received or maybe when and where a new lead lands on your site? Get more done without having to do it.
  • Slack: Work with a team or have simultaneous projects running that fall under different categories? Slack is a great place for communicating and storing information. Although largely used for larger teams I find some great ways to use this even as a business of one.

*Some of these links are affiliate links. I may get a small discount or bonus when you purchase or try services through these links. I only recommend products/services/books/etc that I currently use or have used in the past. I like to think I've done the years of research so you don't have to. Enjoy the time you're sure to save!