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Hipster for Hire LLC

A Virtual Administrative Assistant for Creative Thinkers

Hi! I'm Cara your Hipster for Hire; a virtual assistant based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

What I enjoy most about my work: no two days look exactly alike, I'm constantly learning new skills, deepening my existing knowledge, and meeting inspiring people.

As a Hipster for Hire, I provide practical solutions that give my clients' time back in their day to do more of what matters most and less of what doesn't!

Find out how working with a virtual assistant can help you.


Find the services that fit your needs and free up your most valuable commodity; time:

Do you need regular, ongoing support for your business?

Check out the virtual assisting services I offer.

Are you a big picture person? Does keeping track of deadlines freak you out but you know you have projects to complete?

Stop worrying over the little details, hire me as your project manager to do that for you!

Do you feel stuck in your work or on a specific idea?

Take advantage of my own experiences and trials-and-errors to save you time and frustration! I will come up with an actionable plan to get you back on track.

Just as important as time, what does this cost?